Built: 2004 by Jiangnan Shipyard at Shanghai, China
Flag: NIS
Signal letter: LAYM 5
Trading area: World wide


DnV +.1A1 ICE-1A Tanker for Oil ESP E0 TMON
Double Skin vessel.


Length over all: 134.70 m
Length between p.p 127.00 m
Breadth mld. 20.80 m
Depth upper deck 11.00 m
Draft summer load
Draft ballast Abt
8.60 m
Fore 4.80m Aft 5.80m
Gross tonnage 8.829 ton
Net tonnage 4.173 ton
Reduced Gross 7250 ton


Deadweight, summer:
Deadweight, winter:
13.702 MT
13.270 MT
Cargo, 98% volume:
Service slop tanks:
D.M.A tanks, 98%
14434 m³
170 m³
470 m³
D.O. tanks:
Fresh water tanks:
W.B. tanks:
89 m³
110 m³
5400 m³


12 cargo tanks and 2 slop tanks,with one deepwell pump (hydraulicdriven) in each tank.
Cargo/slop tanks epoxy coated.
Cargo handling 6-8 grades simultaneously segregated by two valves.
Cargo pumps: 12×330 m³/h at 110 mlc
Service slop tank pumps: 2×120 m³/h at 110 mlc
Cargo discharge capacity: abt. 1.980 m³/h at 110 mlc
Ballast pumps:
2×500 m³/h at 20 mlc
Stainless steel coils in all tanks
Tank washing: (2×12/1×2) Fixed machines
Manifolder flanges: 8pcs connection each side 2×12” and 6×10”.
Vapour return flanges: 2×8” each side
Deck crane: 5 tonnes/18 m


Main engine, MCR: 1 x 5.300 kW
Bowthruster,azimuth: 580 kW

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