The Beginning.

Ektank’s founder, Captain Hans-Yngve Johnsson, was born and lives on Donsö in the southern part of Gothenburg’s archipelago.

At the age of just 15 he began his career on board his father’s – Ivar Johnsson’s –small bunker boats, which were in fact converted fishing boats. They handled bunker deliveries to fishing and coastal vessels along the Swedish west coast.

After the Second World War the business was expanded to include oil transport to the large Swedish lakes, using slightly larger tankers.

MT Ekfors 6800 DWT

In 1976, after the delivery of the second new vessel, M/T EKFORS, 6,800 DWT the office was moved from Donsö to the centre of Gothenburg. In connection with the move, the chartering business began operating under the name Ektank AB.

Today the company manage a tanker fleet, in the range 13,700 DWT to 18,600 DWT.



In1967 Hans-Yngve Johnsson assumed responsibility for what was at the time the family-
owned M/T TANKFJORD, a tanker of 830 DWT.


In 1968 the Johnsson family ordered their firstnew vessel, M/T EKFJORD, 1,400 DWT.
The vessel was rebuilt a year later to 2,534 DWT