The company was founded by owner Hans-Yngve Johnsson in 1967 and is today managed by his son Jörgen Johnsson.

Since 1976 Ektank AB has been responsible for its own chartering and operation. Both are managed from the head quarter located in the central parts of Gothenburg. Through extensive experience and market knowledge we are named as a strong and independent operator in the shipping business.

We meet customers’ demands with a modern fleet at high overall standard, skilled and experienced crew and great flexibility. All our vessels have double hull, are equipped with the high ice class 1A and alternative take me home system.

We have a mix of spot and time-chartered vessels and offer our services to all actors in the petroleum business. The crew is educated and trained for navigation in rough weather and ice conditions, and are handling all the transports in a safe manner with high efficiency and minimal impact on the environment.

Our philosophy is to build and maintain long-term relationships and working closely with our clients. By short decisions paths we make quick decisions which in turn is beneficial for our customers.