We transport the desired energy anywhere around the globe where our customers have their needs. Presently our are vessels mostly trading within Europe.

We build high quality, safe and efficient vessels for excellent operation and performance to a minimal impact on the environment.
Our core value is to own, operate and maintain our vessels in a long-term perspective, up to and within our until costumers´ age limitation. We constantly working towards environmental net-zero solutions for the marine industry.

All our vessels have Ice Class 1A and are upgraded to the highest environmental standard for excellent operation in cold climate. Our skilled and experienced crew are educated and trained for navigation in rough weather and ice conditions.

We always have focus on first-rate maintenance, retrofitting and upgrading  in order to keep the high standard during the vessel´s life-cycle.  All Ektank´s previous and present vessels which have passed 15 year have acheived Condition Assessment Program rating 1 for hull, machinery and cargo system. This means they are defined as new.

Through broad experience and market knowledge by our in-house chartering department, we today are named as a strong and independent operator in the shipping business.

We offer flexible solutions, immediate responses and always give highest attention to our customers’ needs.