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Ektank AB is a shipping company with a modern fleet of five vessels in size from 13.700 to 17.000 DWT.
The tankers are mainly trading in northern Europe with refined oil products.
All ships are built for rough conditions in the Baltic Sea and are equipped with high class 1A.

As a family owned company with a long tradition in shipping Ektank AB has through its vast experience and high degree of expertise knowledge become a well established and well-reputed actor in the market. Ektank AB has over the years carefully expanded and modernized its fleet. A consistent quality management together with a skilled and responsible staff is a guarantee for conducting services ashore and at sea to high quality, safety and environmental standards.

Sustainability, Loyalty and Reliability are core values and we take pride in long-term relationships with clients as well as employees. Those characteristics have made Ektank AB to a successful shipping company today and a partner to count on.